Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What They Should Have Said

Jane Hamsher tells the Democrats what they should have said in l'affaire Kerry:

First of all -- I don't care if John Kerry was eating live babies on TV, one week out from an election you do not repeat GOP talking points. Ever. It makes you look like a big pussy who can't stand up to the Republicans, even when they're playing from an exceptionally weak hand on an issue you own. For all those anxious to be seen as the tough defenders of national security, huddling in a crouch position while they pummel you about the head and saying "yes, yes, we deserve this" is just not the best option.

Secondly -- did I mention that the Democrats own the issue of Iraq? Even the WSJ acknowledges it is the #1 issue influencing people's votes this election. If the Republicans want to bring it up, that's a perfect opportunity to pivot and attack:

* "John Kerry's inability to tell a joke probably should disqualify him from further appearances on Comedy Central, but I'm glad you brought up the topic of Iraq. What a fucking Republican quagmire that is..."
* "John Kerry is a decorated war hero and I have no doubt that his comments were meant to denigrate George W. Bush, who dodged military service. Why else would Bush be abandoning American soldiers behind enemy lines? I don't think anyone who had ever served in combat would ever do that, and I think you should ask my opponent what (he/she) has to say about this."
* "I'm glad you asked that, Chris. I think the real insult here to our military is being delivered by George Bush and my opponent (fill in the blank), who simply will not admit that the Administration's policies in Iraq have failed. That's why I'm running, so we can stop wasting $250 million a day in Iraq and bring our soldiers home."

See? It's that easy. Jesus H. tapdancing Christ, it's not like there's a shortage of material, George Bush's JAR is in the gutter and nobody trusts him to run this war. Tie him to your opponent then kick him every time someone mentions the "I" word.

I know as much about football as W. knows about running the country, but even I know this much: When you have the ball, you're supposed to run with it.

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