Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Left-Wing Media, Up To Its Old Tricks Again

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Hey, you know how the right is always claiming that the MSM has a blatant liberal bias? Well, I think I just found an example! Take a look at this passage in today's WaPo article about Pres. Bush telling the press that he isn't going to let his military commanders decide whether more troops should be sent to Iraq:

... As he prepared to begin his holiday break at Camp David and his ranch in Crawford, Tex., he ruminated in response to questions on the difficulty of wartime leadership but said he harbors no doubts about his decision to invade Iraq in 2003. "The most painful aspect of the presidency," he said, "is the fact that I know my decisions have caused young men and women to lose their lives."

An antiwar group reacted angrily to the comments.

"I know that my son's life was wasted, thrown away like it was nothing," Michelle Deford, whose son, Army Sgt. David Johnson, was killed in Iraq in 2004, said in a statement released by Gold Star Families Speak Out. "What we need to do is bring the rest of our sons and daughters home now."

Obviously, if the WaPo was being objective, they would not quote someone who only cares about bashing Bush, and hates America, and is putting our troops in danger by signaling to the terrorists in Iraq that she sees no purpose or meaning to her son's death.

And if this does not convince you that the WaPo is letting their disgusting anti-American liberal bias take the place of patriotic, responsible reporting, then maybe this will: The passage quoted above is at the end of the jump page. In fact, it is the last three paragraphs of the article! The WaPo spends all but the last three paragraphs quoting Pres. Bush, senators and congressional representatives, Pres. Bush, anonymous high-level White House sources, Pres. Bush, military commanders, the new defense secretary, and Pres. Bush. Then the newspaper sticks in this totally biased, Bush-bashing mother.

How anyone can say the press grovels at the feet of the neocon establishment is beyond my ability to understand.

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