Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All Human Life Is Sacred, Except When It's Not

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Here's something else George "All human life is sacred, even when it's not wanted or convenient" Bush might want to spotlight with a National Day -- after he dries his tears over frozen embryos.


Joan said...

Hey kathy!

I absolutely agree with you that the criminal justice system is stacked against poor denfendants and visable minority defendants. The lack of competent legal defence calls the entire justice system into question. Even if one is in favour of the death penalty, the lack of comepetant legal representation denies the defendant the safeguards and proper procedures and turns a judicial sentence into murder. But what does any of this have to do with embryos? If a person believes that life begins at conception, does the embryo become less of a life because people are being unfairly executed?

Confused In Toronto
aka Joan!

Kathy said...


I am glad you agree with me about the criminal justice system and the death penalty as they relate to poor and minority defendants.

I am going to decline to answer the question you pose about the connection with embryos, though. I remain convinced that you can figure it out if you carefully read my original post as well as all the embedded links. The answer to your question really is obvious; whether you agree is a separate issue.