Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fox News' Gretchen Carlson Calls Ted Kennedy a "Hostile Enemy"; Dan Bartlett Disagrees

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I can't decide whether it's a hopeful sign, or an indication of how poisonous the political atmosphere has gotten in this country when White House spokesperson Dan Bartlett disagrees with a Fox News broadcaster's characterization of Sen. Ted Kennedy as a "hostile enemy right here on the home front":

This morning on Fox News, anchor Gretchen Carlson called Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) a “hostile enemy” of the United States because he has demanded that Congress vote on whether to approve funding for escalation in Iraq. In an interview with White House counselor Dan Bartlett, Carlson compared Kennedy to insurgents and terrorists in Iraq, saying that Kennedy represented the same kind of force “right here on the home front.”
Dan Bartlett disagreed, saying that the White House doesn’t “view Ted Kennedy as a hostile enemy” of the United States.

Think Progress has the video.

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