Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kristol on War Critics: They Should Shut Up for Six or Nine Months

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Nico at Think Progress has video of an exchange between William Kristol (Weekly Standard editor) and Juan Williams (NPR commentator) about Pres. Bush's "plan" to win the Iraq war by sending more troops. Kristol says that Democrats in Congress are "... so irresponsible [for refusing to] be quiet for six or nine months and say the president has made a decision, we’re not going to change that decision, we’re not going to cut off funds and insist on the troops coming back, so let’s give it a chance to work." Williams tells Kristol that his analysis is "ahistorical":

I think everybody wants it to succeed who believes in the idea that we are over there and our people are at stake. I don’t think there’s any question. I think that’s sort of a rhetorical tool on your part. But your analysis seems to be totally ahistorical. It’s as if mistakes haven’t been made repeatedly, as if people don’t feel like they’ve been misled down this path, that there’s been tremendous support for this president and war effort and it’s come to naught. It’s come to a bad place. Yesterday was the deadliest, I think, in two years. Nineteen Americans killed. There’s something going on here you might pay attention to as opposed to just the politics of, if you don’t support this president, you don’t really want us to win.

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