Thursday, January 11, 2007

No Refugee Crisis in Iraq, Says Jonah Goldberg

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Jonah Goldberg really is an idiot. Today, in the LA Times, he writes that there is no refugee crisis in Iraq that affects the rest of the region:

Last night, Bush finally acknowledged what Americans already knew: The war has not gone well. But he also acknowledged what few Democrats are willing to admit: If we leave — i.e. lose — it will be a disaster, a geostrategic calamity for the United States and quite possibly a genocidal one for the Iraqis. It's long since forgotten, but perhaps the chief moral argument against the Iraq war in 2003 was that it would create an enormous humanitarian crisis in the form of refugees spilling over the borders, which in turn would destabilize the region. That didn't happen. But it would be the most likely result of a U.S. withdrawal now. Yet that's a risk the antiwar crowd is suddenly willing to take.

Guess Jonah Goldberg somehow missed the news that 1.8 million Iraqis have been forced to flee the country, putting enormous pressure on surrounding countries and creating the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world.

In fact, the humanitarian crisis created by population displacement in Iraq was close to surpassing the refugee crisis in Darfur back in early December. Imagine Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and Utah having to absorb the entire population of New Mexico. That's what the countries surrounding Iraq are dealing with. And the Bush administration is doing diddly-squat to help.

Really, Jonah: Why don't you try picking up a newspaper now and then? And reading it? It might keep you from making a complete fool of yourself.

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