Sunday, January 07, 2007

War News

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Support for Pres. Bush's Iraq policy has plunged to 41% in America's reddest state.

Nancy Pelosi told Bob Schieffer this morning on Face the Nation that Congress will never cut off funding for American troops already in Iraq; but that Pres. Bush no longer has a blank check to send more troops to Iraq with no questions asked. Think Progress has a video excerpt and partial transcript; Taylor Marsh has the complete interview on video. But not to worry, Joe Biden assured the president: We really would prefer it if you didn't send more troops to Iraq, but if you're bound and determined to do so, we'll give you the money.

Israel is reportedly planning to attack Iran's uranium enrichment facilities using tactical nuclear weapons. Despite some initial alarm in the blogosphere, the overall reaction -- left, right, and center -- seems to be skepticism. David Kurtz at Talking Points Memo suggests we consider the source: The Sunday Times is owned by Murdoch. And Laura Rozen points out that the Times has sounded the alarm about Israel planning a nuclear strike against Iran ... ummm ... just a few times before.

Marc Santora, reporting from Baghdad, writes that at least 30 people were killed in a battle between Iraqi police and Sunni insurgents; many of the dead bodies were hung from lampposts afterward.

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