Saturday, February 17, 2007

Howard Kurtz Forgot To Offer Michelle Malkin Some Cheese To Go Along With Her Whine

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Howard Kurtz hearts Michelle Malkin:

Michelle Malkin has seen her head electronically grafted onto a photo of a bikini-clad body.

She had to cancel a Berkeley book signing in the face of 200 shouting protesters.

YouTube banned one of her videos. And she felt compelled to move after critics posted online her Gaithersburg area address and pictures of her home.

Clearly, this is a woman who arouses strong emotions.

"They'll ridicule my looks, ridicule my ethnicity, go after my family," the 36-year-old blogger says of her critics. "They've attacked my husband relentlessly. There's a strong sexist strain among my liberal critics, who think it isn't possible I could have gotten anywhere without my Svengali husband, or some white man, embedding ideas in my head."

Make no mistake, though: This daughter of Filipino immigrants plays pretty rough herself. Whether on her blog, her Internet talk show or her Fox News appearances, Malkin delights in sticking her finger in the eye of the liberal establishment. And she is convinced that her detractors don't play fair.

"Particularly when you're a minority conservative," she says, "you get a lot of ugly, hysterical, unhinged attacks, because you're challenging so many liberal myths about what people of color should think."

Kurtz slides right by Malkin's racist defense of FDR's removal of Japanese-Americans into concentration camps:

Malkin's detractors -- whom she derides as "moonbats" -- were further riled by her book "In Defense of Internment," in which she said the confining of Japanese Americans during World War II was justified, and backed racial profiling as a vital tool against terrorism.

Then in the next but one paragraph, he writes:

The liberal blogger Atrios (Duncan Black) called Malkin a racist over her views on immigration and said anyone who promotes her site "may as well be promoting the Klan."

...thus totally getting his wires crossed, since it was Malkin's book, In Defense of Internment, that earned her the charge of being a racist -- and, according to Atrios, it was this book, and Malkin's defense of the World War II internment of Japanese-Americans, that he called racist, and not her opinions on immigration:

I doubt I've ever called Malkin a racist over her views on immigration, unless she was appealing to or invoking racism when addressing the subject. People can have a tremendous range of views on the subject of immigration without racism having anything do with it.

I call Malkin a racist because of her support for the mass arrest and detention of people, including large numbers of American citizens, based solely on their race/ethnic background, and for her association with White Nationalist promoting site[.]

Here's the Klan post for all to see:

Just so we all understand, in the year 2004 Michelle published a book justifying an act that Ronald Reagan apologized for - the mass arrest of Japanese immigrants and Japanese-American citizens of America based on nothing other than their ethnic background. Anyone who links to her or promotes her in anyway may as well be promoting the Klan or That includes you Chris Matthews.

The publication of that book, which she did to appeal to the Little Green Snotball brigade, will be a stain on her soul for all eternity. I intend to remind the world of it at every opportunity.

Brad and Gavin over at Sadly, No! catalog the many examples of Malkin's hate-mongering and extremism:

This is a woman who sneeringly posted Cindy Sheehan’s divorce papers on her website in a sickening moment of bwah-ha-ha gotcha “journalism.” She laughably accused the New York Times’ travel section of aiding and abetting would-be assassins of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. She wrote a shoddily researched and overtly propagandistic “history” book defending mass racial internment. And let’s not forget her loony conspiracy theories about Mexicans plotting to retake the Southwestern United States in a full-scale reconquista.

Gavin adds: Let’s not forget the incidents of death threats from her supporters when she posted people’s personal information, the Chad Castagana domestic-terrorism case (Castagana ‘idolized’ Malkin), the Denise Denton suicide… ‘06 was a pretty busy year for Michelle. Clown Central Station has more.

What I’m trying to say, Howie, is that Michelle Malkin is a first-class wacko. This is not even a debatable point. But instead of challenging her with peoples’ legitimate criticisms of her “work,” you let her blather on about the random assholes who have left racist comments about her in blogs. Bloody hell. By letting her whine incessantly about the evil, nasty, unhinged wiberal bwoggers, you let her off the hook for all the crazy-assed crap she’s done over the last few years. Stop being a chump, homey.

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