Saturday, February 24, 2007

Israel Asks U.S. for Permission To Fly Over Iraq as Part of a Plan To Attack Iran's Nuclear Facilities

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Considering the source, who knows if it's true; but assuming it is (it's not), my first reaction was exactly the same as DK's -- Er, they asked permission from who?

I suppose the Iraqis themselves--a sovereign country, we are reminded by the Bush Administration when it's convenient--would be militarily helpless to stop Israeli overflights, but one can imagine that the backlash against U.S. troops by Iraqi Shiites would be swift and fierce. ...

Booman isn't buying it:

The U.K. Daily Telegraph has emerged, in the Bush years, as one of the least reliable papers in the Western world. They routinely publish unsourced or poorly sourced rumors or even rank propaganda. Today, they seem to be breaking some kind of big story, but it is much more likely that this is more of a psychological campaign that is aimed at the Iranian leadership.

Booman link via Cernig by way of DK.

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