Sunday, March 18, 2007

American "Confidence and Pride" in Iraq War Is Down

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Americans' confidence and pride in the Iraq war has plummeted from 83% and 65%, respectively, in 2003; to 35% and 30%, respectively, today. This is according to a CNN poll conducted by Opinion Research Corp. between March 9 and 11.

The poll also showed that 33 percent of Americans are afraid of the war and 55 percent are worried by it. Those percentages are roughly the same as they were four years ago.

Sunday's results came on the heels of a Saturday release indicating that years of war had whittled away at Americans' support for the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When the Iraq war began, 68 percent of Americans said they felt the situation in the country was worth fighting over. Now, 61 percent of those surveyed say it was not worth invading Iraq, according to the poll.

Does this mean a majority of Americans are leftists?

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Chief said...

And to go along with your post, in the current (March 26) issue of Time are some graphics tat show that most, 51% of the world views the US as a negative influence AND the third most negatively viewed country behind Israel and Iran.

So much for Reagans “shining beacon on a hill.”