Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finding Clarity in the Fog of War

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Andrew Sullivan quotes a reader on clarity in war:

My little brother is in Diyala province right now. I had to call my Dad and calm him down after the car bombing the other night. This gives one great clarity. I ask myself if my brother is in Iraq to fight a war or to enforce an occupation? When he tells me what he does all day and the missions he goes on it is very, very clear what he is doing there. He is there to enforce an occupation. I challenge anyone to show me any evidence that he, or any of our soldiers, is there to fight a war. Evidence, not rhetoric. And saying we are fighting people who were born in that sovereign country and don't like it occupied doesn't count as fighting a war. That is enforcing an occupation.

When do we start to doubt that we are at war with anyone at all?

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