Monday, May 14, 2007

John McCain Tells Tim Russert that David Petraeus Made Him Take All That Protection During the "Baghdad Stroll"

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Oh my god, John. You have lost your way. Somebody take this guy's hand and show him the way home.

After his photo-op went terrible wrong in Baghdad, McCain the straight talker is now blaming Gen. Petraeus for making him take a military escort into the marketplace where Lindsay Graham bought a few rugs. (The now infamous Baghdad Stroll.)
MR. RUSSERT: But, Senator, you had an armed escort…

SEN. McCAIN: I had an armed escort because, because that's what General Petraeus thought we ought to have.—I didn't call for the kind of, quote, protection that was around me…

McCain just dissed the man that he and the administration are hailing as the savior of Iraq.

…And I'll be glad to go back to that market with or without military protection and, and humvees, etc.

I say we take him up on his pledge. Let's ask his campaign team when he'll be going back to Iraq without protection and see if he can purchase a few more items, but hopefully spend a little more money this time. I'd hate to see him do it in reality, but if he's going to put it on the table, be my guest,…

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