Monday, May 28, 2007

Terrorists Trained in Iraq Are Fanning Out To Other Countries

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Steve Benen links to a New York Times article that tells us terrorism in Iraq has been so successful that new would-be terrorists are being redirected elsewhere:

The good news is there appears to be something of an “exodus” of terrorists leaving Iraq. The bad news is they’re leaving because they’ve finished their training and are now prepared to wreak havoc elsewhere.
Most of the White House’s Iraq rhetoric, particularly during the fight with Congress over war funding, emphasizes the significance of preventing Iraq from becoming a launching pad for terrorism. If we withdraw from Iraq, Bush and others argue, terrorists will establish training camps, create a base of operations, and launch attacks elsewhere.

What Bush and his allies neglect to mention is this is already exactly what’s underway in Iraq right now. Insurgents are treating Iraq as some kind of Terrorism School, and are applying the lessons they’ve learned after graduation.

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