Saturday, May 19, 2007

These Colors Don't Run, But That's Just Us

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Notes from the Lounge is a blog I discovered earlier today while blogging my previously posted story, "Vacation? What's That?" (it was a link from Ezra Klein's response to the CEPR study).

Julian Sanchez is the blogger, and his blog caught my eye because of this post:

Just as a sort of afterthought to the vlog below, have you ever noticed that there's a radical disconnect, according to the mainstream hawk narrative, between how we react to attacks, and how our opponents are imagined to react? If someone attempts to attack or intimidate us, as we all know, this invariably backfires, for the American people merely become more resolute and determined to defend ourselves and/or strike back. We don't back down. It's dangerous to attack us.

But apparently, we're supposed to be unique in this way. If, as Ron Paul did last night, you suggest that people elsewhere in the world might react similarly when we intervene in or attack other countries, it is offensive and crazy to even suggest that this may fuel their animosity or make them prone to retaliate. I guess we're just special here.
Why yes, I had noticed this -- I've been noticing it ever since the day after 9/11 as a matter of fact. But so few people ever point it out, that the fact Julian did stopped me in my tracks. It was like, Wow! You've noticed that, too?

So I've put Julian on my blogroll, just for that post. And also for the vlog on the same subject, immediately below the post. Do watch it. It's very good.

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