Saturday, May 05, 2007

Who's That Again Standing Up Our Guys in Uniform?

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Jim Martin has a hard-hitting post about Republican support for the war:

There is this AP article out about how republican support for the war will probably hurt them in 2008. In the article there are the usual statements about September this and the support is wavering that. It's the republican's war and they better win it blah, blah, blah. Then there are quotes like this:

"When you think about what Iraq means to our nation, and what failure in Iraq will mean to our nation, it's really far more important than any election," House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio told reporters Thursday. He later added that he expects to lose no GOP seats over the issue in 2008, because "I'm planning on victory in Iraq."

Well, it's good to have another plan, the first seven or eight plans for victory haven't exactly turned out. That's a position from the minority leader that I would expect and I hope it does work out, but there is very little hope of that. I'm not sure even he could articulate what will define victory. I certainly couldn't.

Here is the quote though that really pisses me off. Here's this guy in a gerrymandered district that's reasonably safe.

Some Republicans, especially those from strongly conservative House districts, say pollsters and commentators are overstating the party's political peril.

"We're not in despair. We're not in isolation," said Rep. Pete Sessions R-Texas. While many Americans clearly want to withdraw from Iraq promptly,"the far vaster group of people think Congress had better not stand up our guys in uniform", Sessions said.

Stand up our guys in uniform? You sorry bastard. You sent our "guys" over there four years ago and they won your little war for you and then you left them there without the proper equipment or a plan or an exit strategy.

You blindly supported our incompetent Commander-In-Chief while his politically appointed toadies totally fucked up the peace that our "guys in uniform" had so easliy won.

If anyone has stood up our guys it's the right-wing shitheads in congress and in the executive branch. If anyone had paid any attention to Gen. Shinseki four years ago we wouldn't be in this mess. But no, we had to go in with Rumsfeld and Bush's plan for empire building on the cheap. Not enough troops, not enough equipment, and zero planning.

The only consistency we've had is that the military planning has been equal to the prewar intelligence.

I love that impolitic talk.

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Jim Martin said...

Thanks for putting up my whole post and the link as well. Libby and I appreciate it.
I do love your work.