Saturday, June 02, 2007

You Just Cannot Make This Stuff Up

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1. Pres. Bush accusing opponents of his immigrant amnesty legislation of fear-mongering.

2. Tony Blair's response to being told that Muslim anger at the West was not surprising given that the United States and Britain invaded Iraq and Afghanistan:

When he had finished, I said to him: tell me exactly what they feel angry about. We remove two utterly brutal and dictatorial regimes; we replace them with a United Nations-supervised democratic process and the Muslims in both countries get the chance to vote, which incidentally they take in very large numbers. And the only reason it is difficult still is because other Muslims are using terrorism to try to destroy the fledgling democracy and, in doing so, are killing fellow Muslims.

What’s more, British troops are risking their lives trying to prevent the killing. Why should anyone feel angry about us? ...

3. Michelle Malkin in high dudgeon over "left-wing political child abuse" and the "exploitation" of 3-year-olds who were taken to an antiwar event in NYC at which they sang "It's A Small World" in front of a "Tree of Peace" made out of green construction paper. "Ready to gag?" she warns her readers before inviting them to view a video of teachers talking to children about "pursuing peaceful paths to end all world conflicts."

4. Robert Knight at NewsBusters apoplectic over the scandalous failure of the major media to report that the winner of the National Spelling Bee was homeschooled.

5. Right-wing bloggers like this one sermonizing about "Darkness Redux" and "the silence of the complicit" because of the MSM's failure to write about and show photographs of torture committed by Al Qaeda -- while remaining silent about articles like this and this.

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