Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kim Strassel Knows What About Women?

Kimberly Strassel has a piece in the Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal. The questions the piece raises are profound and many.

She states, "Yet what's extraordinary is that no GOP contender has yet recognized the huge opportunity to redefine 'women's' politics for the 21st century." I don't know what women's politics are supposed to believe in, but every lady that I know, even a son-in-law's mom with a third grade education, have nothing but contempt for Bush and the Republicans. The chance of getting any of these ten or so ladies to vote for a Repub is absolutely zero, especially Mrs. Chief.

The Democrats' own views of what counts for "women's issues" are stuck back in the disco days, about the time Ms. Clinton came of political age. Under the title "A Champion for Women," the New York senator's Web site promises the usual tired litany of "equal pay" and a "woman's right to choose." Mr. Richardson pitches a new government handout for women on "family leave" and waxes nostalgic for the Equal Rights Amendment. ...

Well, good golly, those issues have not been realized. Closer, a little anyway, on equal pay, but a continuous chipping away on the right to choose. And we are supposed to just up and forget about unfulfilled 70's dreams and move on? I don't think so.

It would seem to me that any time a group (white males) tries to hold you down, you would fight back. Instead, Ms. Strassel is advocating a position of voting against her best interests.

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