Monday, September 03, 2007

Ranger - Again. Truth Never Goes Out Of Style

Ranger posted this a few days ago, 25 Aug, to be exact. I, too, have a few mates in the Pensacola part of western Florida. They have full faith in President McPoopie Pants.

Ranger is truly sick of hearing from a large cohort of his fellows in North Florida: They want to destroy our way of life. Who are they, and how many are there?

Why not invade Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, as they left a bigger fingerprint on 9-11. (As Jon Stewart recently quipped on his program, a full 20% of the 9-11 attackers were not from Saudi Arabia.)

International cooperation, embargoes, incentives and negotiations are always the path to follow before entering into a war.

Mr. Reagan's questions knocks again: Are you any better off (safer) today after two voluntary wars, than you were before?

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