Thursday, October 25, 2007

Army Leaks Beauchamp Investigation Docs to Drudge

Yep, the same Army that refused to give those documents to The New Republic [emphasis in original]:

This again calls into question the Army's handling of this affair in a big way. It's bad enough that the Army hasn't been willing to show any transparency with regard to its probe into this. It's worse still that someone -- apparently an Army official -- is leaking some of the probe docs to Drudge, likely as part of an effort to get back at TNR.

The Army's acknowledgment of this leak comes in Howard Kurtz's article today about this whole affair. Kurtz was following an item that appeared yesterday on Drudge revealing some of the docs from the investigation. At the end of Kurtz's article comes this, concerning TNR editor Franklin Foer:
Foer said the Army has refused to turn over supporting documents in the case, despite a Freedom of Information Act request, and then "selectively leaked" material to Drudge. In an e-mail to the magazine yesterday, Army spokesman Maj. Kirk Luedeke said he was "surprised and appalled that this information was leaked" and that the military would investigate.

Greg also links to Kevin Drum, who notes that we still don't know where the truth lies regarding Beauchamp's diary entries (and who provides live links to the Army transcripts, which have gone dead at Drudge), and to Glenn Greenwald, who points out that this entire episode serves to illustrate how partisan the U.S. military has become.

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