Saturday, October 06, 2007


I realize that an increase in beer prices pales in importance to the antics of the President of the USA. But this reporter has eclectic interests and as a public service, I thought it important to bring you this full of flavor tidbit to slake your thirst for news.

From comes this:

The prices for malt and hops have soared in recent months, with brewers signing contracts through 2009 and still seeing the price of ingredients double. In some cases they still are not able to be sure they will get quantities of some varieties of hops they want. The reasons are varied - in some cases growing demand, in others poor harvests - but the bottom line is that beer drinkers are facing higher prices. Little, if any, of the increases will end up in brewers' pockets.

I was not aware that hops acreage had decreased so much over the last few decades.

England is almost out of the hop business. Their acreage of 2,400 in 2006 (down from 17,000 in 1976) represents 2 percent of the worldwide acreage.

World acreage:
1986: 215,600
1992: 236,000
2006: 123,000

The amount of beer the ol' Chief drinks isn't going to support any brewery so even a significant price increase won't have a material effect on my wallet.

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