Sunday, October 21, 2007

Message to Right-Wing Bloggers from an Ailurophile: Get. A. Grip.

Sarah Baxter of the Times of London writes an article about how Hillary Clinton gave away their pet cat, Socks, after leaving the White House:

AS THE “first pet” of the Clinton era, Socks, the White House cat, allowed “chilly” Hillary Clinton to show a caring, maternal side as well as bringing joy to her daughter Chelsea. So where is Socks today?

Once the presidency was over, there was no room for Socks any more. After years of loyal service at the White House, the black and white cat was dumped on Betty Currie, Bill Clinton’s personal secretary, who also had an embarrassing clean-up role in the saga of his relationship with the intern Monica Lewinsky.

Some believe the abandoned pet could now come between Hillary Clinton and her ambition to return to the White House as America’s first woman president.

My response to this was, You have got to be kidding. Giving away a family pet to a close and trusted friend is "abandonment"? And it might cost Hillary Clinton the presidency? Because her husband's former personal secretary adopted Socks the cat? This article deserves derision, not serious consideration.

But then again, this is the right we're talking about. And they have now lost whatever shreds of gray matter still clung to the insides of their skulls.

"The Lizard Queen has no time for past pets," Vox Popoli moans [bolds mine]:
That's pretty cold. Not as cold as swallowing Socks whole, as I assumed she had, but nevertheless, cold. Unfortunately, the fact that she is pure evil won't prevent her from winning in November 2008, thanks to George Bush, the former Republican Congress and the Republican Party leadership.

Wow. Talk about cold-blooded calculation. The cat as prop for exactly as long as required and not a moment longer. Then dump the poor creature on someone else. I doubt my wife would have voted for Hillary before this. Now? Not a chance in hell. Is this a tempest in a kitty litter box? I don't think it will be. Some people are going to take a lot of offense to this. And if she'd dump a totally dependent animal, how do you think she treats humans?

This is abandonment. This is cold-blooded calculation. This is pure evil.

This is mushy-headed stupidity.

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