Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Intended Actions

My "plan" as outlined below is certainly not intended as advice for anyone else. My job is not, I repeat NOT, to give financial advice to anyone. I do not have the certifications nor am I bonded to do that.

My job is voice my views on any part of the current scene.

Some might call me paranoid. Maybe. My parents were just graduating high school when the Great Depression hit. I can remember the stories they told and learned some of those lessons, albeit, decades later.

I am going to create a "post hole bank." From here is a definition of the term.

Also remember that before the 1940s many people didn't trust banks; they had their own "post hole bank" which might have been just a mason jar buried under a fence post, hidden in the crevice of a tree or behind a rock in stone.

It will be 'virtual' post hole bank. Some place safe where neither fire nor flood can get to it.

First, I have already begun to liquadate stocks in my IRA. Going to move to a mostly cash position. Some stocks, coal and oil, the rest cash. Banks do not pay enough interest for me to be concerned about. Somewhere between 1/2 to 2 percent. Too much risk, not enough return.

Second. Each month we deposit in a small (the operative word here is 'small') credit union monies for taxes and insurance. I just took the total we have to pay each year for both categories, divided by 12 and rounded up. If this small credit union has too much exposure in the housing market, and goes belly up, how long will it take for the government backed insurance to get my money to me ? I don't know. But I do know that the county treasurer is not going to want to wait for me to pay my taxes just because I have a problem.

So, first off, I am going to cease making those deposits once a month. Secondly, I am going to start with drawing the amount in that small credit union till I get most of my money out.

My retirement checks, Social Security et al, are direct deposited. I do not see much risk there. If any readers have a different opinion about FDIC banks, please let me know your ideas in a comment.


konagod said...

I cashed out all my stocks last week including the ones in the IRA. I'm just sitting on the cash until I decide what to do. And I need to get it out of cash while the dollar is in freefall mode.

Chief said...

The dollar in freefall isn't helping the Canadian oil stocks I hold in the IRA. Even w/ the 13 - 15% return due to dividends, they are still losing me a little money. But because of the fact they are oil, I'm going to hold most of them