Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chris Dodd Distinguished Himself; Clinton and Obama Disgraced Themselves

Bob Kerrey is a lying slimebucket. Instead of stating that Barack Obama "attended a secular madrassa" in his youth, which is a brazen and bald-faced falsehood, he could legitimately be criticizing Obama for campaigning in Iowa on the day that Chris Dodd was, as BooMan puts it, "...working his heart out on the Senate floor to protect the rule of law and our civil liberties. ..."

Oh...wait...no, he could not have done that, because the candidate HE is supporting was out there in Iowa herself, telling people that she "had never been through a process more grueling" (linked from Booman) to convince the Des Moines Register to endorse her for president.

And adding insult to injury:

All three Senators [Biden was campaigning in New Hampshire] said they support Dodd and oppose retroactive immunity, and all three let Dodd do all the work while they campaigned at his expense.
Edwards and Richardson are not senators and couldn't vote or help filibuster. But Clinton, Obama, and Biden all disgraced themselves today. They all dishonored themselves today. When the FISA bill is brought up again in January it will be right in the midst of the primaries. The progressive wing of the Democratic Party will harshly punish a repeat of this cowardly day.

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