Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dan Fogelberg

I just now saw Chief's post about Dan Fogelberg. I knew he had prostate cancer, and that it was terminal, but I didn't know he had died until just a few minutes ago.

I loved Dan Fogelberg's music. His music had a sweetness and a warmth and a compassion -- a humanity -- that drew me in completely. There are no words to describe my feelings. He was my generation -- born the year after I was. His songs reflected the sensibilities and the values that I grew up with.

It is so sad, so incomprehensible, and so unfair that a person like Dan Fogelberg left the world so many years before he should have. I am glad for him that he was surrounded by love in his last moments -- and it's fitting, because he put a lot of his love out into the world.

Chief referred to Fogelberg's famous song, "The Leader of the Band." He wrote that song for his father, who was a musician, and inspired his son to become one, too. But in a very real way, Chief is right that Fogelberg was the leader of the band, too. He saw the way he wanted to go, and he wasn't afraid to follow his dreams. All of us -- not just his fellow Americans, but all human beings -- are better off for that.

Goodbye, Dan Fogelberg, and rest in peace. Your voice and your presence will be sorely missed.

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Jenny said...

My sentiments exactly. We've lost a magical songwriter and wonderful human being. Have loved Dan since my college days - his music is uniquely special and has served as the soundtrack fo many a life I am sure. Oh how he will be missed.