Friday, December 14, 2007

Nancy Pelosi Needs a New Direction: Out of Congress

Nancy Pelosi is a fool. And a pathetic fool at that.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lashed out at Republicans on Thursday, saying they want the Iraq war to drag on and are ignoring the public's priorities.

"They like this war. They want this war to continue," Pelosi, D- Calif., told reporters. She expressed frustration over Republicans' ability to force majority Democrats to yield ground on taxes, spending, energy, war spending and other matters.

"We thought that they shared the view of so many people in our country that we needed a new direction in Iraq," Pelosi said at her weekly news conference in the Capitol. "But the Republicans have made it very clear that this is not just George Bush's war. This is the war of the Republicans in Congress."

Asked to clarify her remarks, Pelosi backed off a bit.

"I shouldn't say they like the war," she said. "They support the war, the course of action that the president is on."

"And that was a revelation to me," she said, "because I thought the American people's voices were so—and still are—so strong in this regard."

With apologies to Eleanor Roosevelt: No one can force the Democrats to cave in, on everything, without their consent. The Republicans have been ignoring the public's priorities since the Supreme Court put George W. Bush in the White House. YOUR party was put into the majority to change the priorities and make them stick, Ms. Speaker of the House. You were not put into the majority to collapse in a heap crying and whining that the Republicans won't "let" you do what the American people put you in to Congress to do. You are a disgrace.

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Chief said...

You, young lady, are refreshing.

Oh, that someone in the MSM had the chutzpah to say that.