Sunday, December 30, 2007

A New Year, A New Milestone

Coming up early next year: The number 4,000.


Joan said...

LOL, Kathy!

When I read your post I thought you were referring to your 4,000th blog post! Well Happy New Year, anyway amd congratulations at getting your frist sponsor/advertiser. I did have a look at their on-line bookstore and they have a lot of books, don't they?

Take Care

Kathy said...

No, that number is still under 3,000. I'm not counting, though.

That Biblio link is actually not an ad. It's just a link to my online bookstore on Biblio.

Happy New Year, Joan. :-)

konagod said...

I really thought it would be 4,000 by now. Of course, thanks to that troop surge, things are so much better over there now. ;-)

I can't believe I was able to type that without writhing on the floor.