Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fairness - NOT

From today's LA Times comes an easy to understand story. Anyone with any sense of fairness can see what the outcome should be. Those folks that profited from and had any hand in deceiving and/or misleading investors should be forced to pay back their ill-gotten gains.

I'll bet the justices had to work overtime to come up with this cock-a-mainy ruling.

And last year, a U.S. appeals court panel in New Orleans also rejected the Enron-related lawsuit. It ruled that Merrill Lynch and the other investment bankers had not directly deceived those who bought Enron's stock.

Lawyers for the investors appealed to the Supreme Court and urged the justices to say that all those who profit from deception should pay. That appeal was formally rejected in a one-line order this morning.

Actions do have consequences. In this case a second rate doofus of a President appointed Justices to SCOTUS.

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