Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Do Not Understand People

I found this at the BooMan Tribune and certainly must agree that it is a dichotomy, especially a nation most of whose citizens profess to believe in this.

Once upon a time a wise man told us "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." Supposedly we are a nation which was founded in part on the moral and ethical teachings of this man, a nation many of whose citizens worship him as the Son of God. Yet we ignore his teachings. We love our pets. We feel sadness, even grief, and are moved to action at the sight of abused animals. We feel their pain. Why are so many Americans, even Christian Americans, so unable to transfer those same empathic impulses to their fellow human beings?

In addition to the ASPCA advert we have witnessed the very public humiliation and jailing of the popular athlete, Michael Vicks, lately of the Atlanta football team. We are sympathetic to four-legged animals when they suffer and it not their fault. Why can't we have the same feelings for our fellow humans when it is not their fault?

We have about fifty million (that's a five, followed by seven zeros as in 50,000,000) of our fellow citizens without health insurance. Abominable.

We need a single payer health care system, similar to Medicare, for the whole country. Period. End of comment.

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