Saturday, January 26, 2008

News Below the Radar

I cannot find a link to this so will give credit first. On page 7 of 26 Jan, Piqua Daily Call, Piqua, Ohio below the fold is the headline

Alcoa lays off 17 workers in Sidney

Sidney, Ohio is about 35 miles north of Dayton, Ohio

By Darrin Michael. Brown News Service (which a Google search did not find)

The story begins:
Alcoa Home Exteriors laid off 17 employees from its third shift rotation Thursday morning.

Bob Parker, general manager of Alcoa, Sidney Operations, anticipated that additional layoffs would occur with other shifts throughout Thursday’s work day.
. . .
“This will be the third time the company had layoffs this winter,” Parker said.
. . .
Parker says the layoffs are largely due to a decline in the housing industry.
. . .
The company makes vinyl and aluminum products used for the remodeling and construction of homes.

This type of action is happening everywhere. Small and uncoordinated but in total having a devastating effect on the economy.

And, I ask snarkily, $600 in June is supposed to do ‘what’ for these people? ? ?

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