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Anne Hathaway. Anne Boleyn. Anne Frank. Anne Bancroft. ANN Coulter.

This morning a bunch more conservative bloggers have posts about Ann Coulter, and most of them, commendably, are very critical of Coulter's vicious remarks about the Jersey Girls.

First, though, my Inner Copyeditor/Proofreader is clamoring to be heard. She won't stop screaming in my ear until I let her speak: Why do so many people, conservative and liberal, who hate Ann Coulter, or love Ann Coulter, or love to hate Ann Coulter, or hate to love Ann Coulter, not know how to spell her first name? It's ANN, you guys. Not Anne.

Please. Respect and honor the Gods of Precision.

Okay. On to conservative reaction to Coulter:

Sister Toldjah:

Ann, of course, has the right to say whatever she wants -- but was something like that right to say? I don't think so. This isn't about being uber-sensitive. It's about there being a better way to get your point across without going overboard. No matter what the 9-11 widows have had to say about the President's policies, Coulter saying they've been "enjoying" their husbands' deaths is way beyond the pale.

Captain Ed:

... [I]mpugning the grief felt by 9/11 widows regardless of their politics is nothing short of despicable. It denies them their humanity and disregards the very public and horrific nature of their spouses' deaths. The attacks motivated a lot of us to become more active in politics in order to make sure our voices contribute to the debate, and it is impossible to argue that the 9/11 widows (and widowers, and children, and parents) have less standing to opine on foreign policy than Ann Coulter or Ted Rall.

This represents the downside of provocateurs, even those entertaining enough to enjoy for 80% of the time. Instead of arguing facts or philosophy, the provocateur usually relies on ad hominem attack in order to degrade and dismiss their opposition. A little of that goes a very long way, and unfortunately Coulter delivered it in droves yesterday. She owes these victims closest to 9/11 an abject apology and a retraction of her remarks, and she should pray that she doesn't ever experience the kind of loss that these people have had. Regardless of their politics, their grief was and is all too real, and that drives their public engagement. I doubt a single one of them wouldn't gladly trade their influence for one more day with the ones they lost. Shame on Ann for implying otherwise.

AJ Strata:

... I don't know what happened to Anne, but she is a walking disaster for conservatives. I was at CPAC when she made her disasterous comment about Ragheads. That was a horror too. At a time we need moderate Muslims to stand by our side and resist the Islamo-fascists Anne detonated a mega-ton stink bomb. Personally I doubt she should ever come back to CPAC. Because we don't need Begala-Carville-Rall clone, we need all those Muslim-Conservatives groups that set up their tents at CPAC for a week showing solidarity.

I have no problem with anyone speaking in this country -- it is their right. And they definitely deserve the right to be respected when speaking from conviction and painful experience, and not slandered and hurt in this way. Anne Coulter is no Conservative. She cannot be. Either that or I am no conservative. There is no way to condone such cruelty. Anne, sit down and just don't talk anymore. You have done enough damage.

AJ also links to the 9/11 widows' response to Coulter's comments. I didn't know until I saw the link on his blog that the women Coulter attacked had responded yet, although I figured they would. AJ is to be commended for providing this additional information.

Ace of Spades HQ:

What exactly is [Coulter] advancing with such nastiness? Is she actually advancing the conservative cause, or only her own?
... Even if something is actually felt deep inside -- even if you're filled with toxic hatred for very annoying, very presumptuous, very left-leaning women with an overweening sense of entitlement -- most people would find less abrasive ways to express such an emotion.

Does that mean that Ann is just more honest than us "nancy boys"?

Not really. A lot of the time the excuse of "I was just being honest" is just a code for "I'm basically an inconsiderate asshole who cannot be bothered to modify my behavior in even the slightest fashion in order to observe basic conventions of social decency."

Last, James Joyner rounds up the reaction on both sides of the blogosphere.

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