Sunday, February 11, 2007

Australia's P.M. Says Al Qaeda Wants Barack Obama To Win in 2008

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I'm not ticked off that Australia's prime minister commented on U.S. electoral politics. He has the right: What the American president does affects non-Americans as much as it affects Americans, if not more.

What ticks me off is stupidity, no matter where it comes from -- and John Howard's announcement that Al Qaeda is praying for Barack Obama to win the White House in 2008 is stupid. In other words, just because Howard is Australian, that does not make what he said more stupid than, say, what A.J. Strata, who is an American, said:

Australia’s Prime Minister Howard said the obvious today: al Qaeda would really love for Barack Obama to win the Presidential election in 2008 and hasten the surrender of the West in the ME. Howard has every right to make this statement since he has put his military forces into harms way to fend off the evil that is Islamo Fascism. And it is no small fact that Australia lies much closer to the Islamo Fascist threat and has seen a lot of its own citizens killed in the attacks in Bahli and elsewhere. Howard is just being realistic. Those who are trying to stem the tide of al Qaeda cannot do it without America. As the Tsunami response in Indonesia and elsewhere clearly illustrated, without US logistics no major movements of material and people are possible. US air support, sea power, intelligence are just as critical as our fighting forces on the ground in Baghdad. And Obama represents a complete surrender and withdrawal. We may not like what Howard has to say, but it is because he is right and it is because his people are out there now. They will still be out there if we leave and that makes it uncomfortable for us to hear the truth. Fact is we cannot afford to elect a democrat President unless it is someone just like Joe Lieberman. And if that is what it takes to win, so be it.

How stupid does a person have to be to say that "those who are trying to stem the tide of Al Qaeda cannot do it without America" when America is the tsunami that turned al Qaeda into a tidal wave? How stupid does a person have to be to say that we "cannot afford to elect a democrat President unless it is someone just like Joe Lieberman," when a Republican president started and lost the Iraq war? A Republican president has spent the past four years turning Iraq into the massive loss, and failure, that it is today. How could another Republican president be "what it takes to win"?

That said, even cheerleaders for the Iraq war, be they Democrat or Republican, have their moments of lucidity and self-awareness:

It doesn’t take a genius to reach this conclusion [that al Qaeda wants Obama to win], but the US Democrat Party just keeps denying the obvious and pretending that their craven appeasement platform will not embolden the global jihadis. They know it will. If it helps Democrats gain power, they’re fine with it.

Charles, when you're right, you're right. It doesn't take a genius to reach the conclusion that al Qaeda wants Obama to win, or that withdrawing from Iraq will "embolden the global jihadis." It takes a blooming, flaming idiot to reach that conclusion. So congratulations; that's you.


Joan said...

Hey Kathy!

Am I missing something or are Americans truly at a loss to understand WHY they are in Iraq? Once they understand WHY, they will realize both the Repulicans and the Democrats will keep them there. Americans are not in Iraq because of WMD, Americans are NOT in IRaq to bring a better life to the Iraqis, Americans are NOT in Iraq to stop "Islamo-facism". America is in Iraq for ONE reason only. America is in Iraq because it needs a friendly government from which they can keep an army base (remember the Saudis said you guys have got to leave?) and from which they can keep a good toe hold in the Middle East so they can protect American corporate interests. They are not there for any other reason. Democrats as well as Republicans believe Americans have the right to walk into foreign countries to protect their "interests", even if these corporate interests are half way across the world. I wonder if China and Japan have the right to invade America if America passes laws that are not in the best interests of Chinese and Japanese interests?

It does not matter if the Republicans STARTED this war, the Democrats will keep America IN it.

Back in the bad old days in Canada we had NO universal medicare. Tommy Douglas, was the leader of a third party that nobody paid much attentiion too. He KNEW the majority of Canadians wanted universal medicare. So he told Canadians to think of ourselves as mice and the two main parties as cats. We could elect red cats or we could elect blue cats, but either way we would still have cats in gov't. What mouse wants a cat in charge of the country?

Tommy Douglas never got elected. He never got elected because the red cats realized that Douglas was beginning to make inroads with this silly universal medicare idea. It took decades but more and more people voted for Douglas. Then the red party decided they wanted universal medicare. This brought them a beautiful voter turnout. Canadians have always had universal medicare ever since.

As long as you continue to vote for the Democrats in the delusion that they are somehow different from the Republicans you can enjoy your stay in Iraq. If enough people defect, and the Democrats are already whinning their vote is being split, then the Democrats may have to get real and adopt policies that will return their voters to the fold, kind of like the red cats did in Canada.

The political scientists have a name for this. It is called "contagion". This is when a main party adopts a third party issue to get their voters back.

Americans right now seem to be in a state of denial. They cannot seem to admit to themselves that the corporate agenda of BOTH parties ensure a long stay in Iraq. Doesn't ANYONE listen to Lou Dobbs? ;)

Take Care

Crankster said...

It doesn't matter how many troops Barack Obama challenges Howard to send to Iraq.

I think Howard is more concerned about his own image back home if the US withdraws its troops and cuts its losses.

Bush is on his way out. Nothing can hurt him now. Howard has plenty to lose. And I'm sure he remembers all the Australians who were affected by the past bombings in Bali.

Chief said...


From beginning to end - I AGREE WITH YOU ! ! !

Be it Central America w/ United Fruit or the Philipines or Cuba or where ever the U.S. has (or had) a business intertest, the US has used military force to protect those business interests. Never made any difference how much those US companies abused the locals, screw 'em over, kill 'em, just keep profits coming back to corporate HQ.

And if a local leader pops up to protest, get the US gov't to say he or she is a Communist and send in the Marines.