Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Mission Is To Help the Iraqi People Because They Are Deserving of Having More Terrorism

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This must be heard to be believed. Think Progress has a video of the State Department's Acting Counterterrorism Coordinator telling reporters that the huge increase in terrorist incidents within Iraq is a good thing. Here is the transcript:

QUESTION: Okay. Great. And then the second question that I had was looking at the fact — and this may be for you, sir — looking at the fact that the majority of deaths clearly occurred in Iraq, do you believe that the war in Iraq ultimately has been good for the effort to reduce terrorism generally?

MR. URBANCIC: You know, if the battle against terrorism isn’t in Iraq, it’s going to be somewhere else. It started out in Afghanistan. The terrorists are looking for places where they can operate and that’s what they’re doing. So we can fight them in Iraq, we can fight them somewhere else. The fact is they are there and they’re going to find other ungoverned spaces and they’re doing that and they’re expanding — they’re expanding their scope. So yes, I mean, Iraq is at least a relatively friendly place. The people of Iraq are deserving people and they deserve better and it’s good for us to help them.

The people of Iraq are deserving of what? Having terrorist incidents in their country increase by 91%? It's "good" for us to help the Iraqis increase the terrorism in their country? I mean, this is what the guy is saying, is it not? It's good when terrorism goes up in Iraq, because that means the terrorists won't come here, right? And Iraq is "at least a friendly place" for Americans to carry out the mission of attracting terrorists to Iraq -- after all, they are deserving people and so it's good for us to help terrorism soar to insane levels in their country -- WHAT?

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