Tuesday, May 10, 2005

BACK ON MAY 5, Lizard Queen blasted the U.S. media (non-alternative) for their near-total silence on the leaked British memo, which exposed Pres. Bush's determination to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein in the summer of 2002, at a time when he was telling the American public that his administration had no plans for war.

As LQ noted in that earlier post, John Conyers has been pushing this issue hard and refusing to let it drop. Today, she has an update, quoting a section from Rep. Conyers' blog. Here's the first paragraph:

On talk radio today, and on the Internet, there is a palpable frustration about the lack of mainstream media (or as many appropriately call it, "corporate media") coverage of the secret Downing Street memo. I share this frustration. In my view, it is inexcusable that the cable news networks and the major newspapers have failed thus far to give this story the attention it deserves. At its core, the disclosure represents a vindication of the assertions of all of us who opposed the war, and truth-telling former Administration officials who were smeared for daring to provide the public the information it is entitled to. More importantly, it shows an Administration that appears to have lied to the American people and their elected representatives, while simultaneously telling the truth to the representatives of the British people, about the most grave matter for any nation -- the decision to go to war.
Conyers notes in his next paragraph that Knight-Ridder has been a notable exception to the media blackout on the British memo. Weldon Berger over at Betty the Crow pointed out on May 6 that Knight-Ridder has been consistently superior to the rest of the MSM in its reporting on the war -- both pre- and postwar.

Knight Ridder, the only national newspaper service with any right to be consistently proud of its coverage of the runup to and aftermath of the Iraq invasion, has, fittingly, become the first major US news outlet to cover the leaked British memo detailing the UK’s intention of going along with the Bush administration’s now-documented intention of invading Iraq.
I think a letter to the editor at K-R thanking them for doing their job as journalists would not be amiss.

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