Tuesday, May 10, 2005

JEANNE AT BODY AND SOUL tells us that an entire book full of bloggy goodness has arrived at her house. It's a collection of bloggers' posts on Donald Rumsfeld -- including one of hers. Yay, Jeanne!

It's the first in a series of books drawing together blog posts on a single topic. One of my posts is in it, along with posts by some of the best writers online. In fact, although I've championed blog writing for years, I was actually stunned by how good the writing is, and how relevant the posts are, even years after some of them were first written. There's a lot of crisply and entertainingly covered information packed into a short space.

It's worth buying if only to have in your possession permanent, bound copies of Kevin Raybould's quiet, understated case for considering Rumsfeld a war criminal -- proof, if you need it, that just the facts, m'am beats overheated rhetoric any day -- and Fafblog's hilarious "interview" with Rumsfeld.
Hopefully it'll come to Barnes & Noble, so I can get my 30% discount.

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