Friday, May 06, 2005

THE KANSAS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION is holding hearings to debate the proposal to teach "intelligent design" (the belief that a superhuman or supernatural being created the universe and life on earth) as a valid scientific theory alongside evolution.

I found it quite amusing that one of the "experts" testifying in favor of teaching Kansas's public school children that evolution is "just an unproved theory" uses Darwinian concepts (not to mention contemporary market capitalist theory) to defend creationism.

"There is no science without criticism," said Charles Thaxton, a chemist and co-author of the 1984 book "The Mystery of Life's Origins," which questions traditional scientific explanations. "Any science that weathers the criticism and survives is a better theory for it."

Evolutionary theory adapting to changing social conditions in order to survive? The Genesis account of creation battling it out with the fossil record in the Kansas educational marketplace? Build a better theory and they will come?

Good old American know-how; it's the winner everytime.

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