Friday, May 06, 2005

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

TWENTY-SIX IRAQIS were killed in two separate suicide bombings on Thursday; and the bodies of 12 men (14 according to the Washington Post) were found dumped at a garbage site. The men had been blindfolded, shot in the head, and had clearly been tortured.

The police captain whose men dug up the bodies said:

"I can't accuse anyone now. ... There are many terrorist groups, and gangs, so everything is unclear now."

A 28-year-old man who lives in the neighborhood where the bodies were found said:

"Usually we find bodies lying in the streets, around two to three bodies a day, but we haven't found such a number before buried like that."

In a separate incident yesterday, about a dozen Iraqi police officers were shot and killed at two different checkpoints, by masked gunmen attacking from cars.

One of the officers killed, Ayad Baro, 23, was just 20 days from his wedding, said his uncle, who identified himself as Abu Amen. The body lay under a light blue sheet on a gurney outside a crowded morgue at Yarmouk Hospital.

"I'm losing my brother's son and I blame everybody," said Abu Amen, his face a mask of sadness, as relatives brought in a coffin.

In the last eight days, over 220 people have been killed in Iraq as a result of war-related violence.

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