Thursday, May 26, 2005

THE NATION has weighed in on the filibuster deal in the Senate, and David Corn doesn't think this is much of a victory for our side at all -- for pretty much the reasons I mentioned yesterday (although I did not read Corn's piece until a few minutes ago).

Democrats lost the right to filibuster three of Bush's nominees for federal court appointments; one of the nominees, Priscilla Owen, has already been confirmed. And Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor, Jr., are assured of confirmation under this agreement. Cheerleaders for the deal say the filibuster was preserved for the coming battle over the U.S. Supreme Court, but all three of these right-wing extremists are now directly in line for that next opening, which could come any day given Rehnquist's health issues. So in essence the Democrats handed Pres. Bush a trio of gifts for the high court. Furthermore, even though the filibuster remains, it's only a win for liberals in the narrowest of senses, since it can only be used under "extraordinary circumstances" -- and seven Republican senators have to agree that the circumstances are extraordinary, or no filibuster.

So tell me, please: How is this a victory for us?

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