Tuesday, October 04, 2005

THIS IS EXACTLY what I've been wondering:

What kind of president picks both John Roberts and Harriet Miers? They look like the ultimate odd couple. Roberts is not a Bush crony, he has a resume to die for, and everyone who knows him says he's unbelievably smart. Miers is more than a crony but certainly not less -- Fred Barnes says no president has ever known a Supreme Court appointee as well as Bush knows Miers, and he may be right. She has the kind of resume you expect to see in the director of a not-very-important federal agency: president of the local bar, member of the Dallas City Council, chair of the Texas Lottery Commission. Roberts looks like an idea guy, the person who figures out the theory that changes the way people think about his field. Miers looks more like a gifted schmoozer--at best, she's the one who hires the idea guy. (Apparently, she had a lot to do with hiring Roberts.) The conservative meritocracy meets the old-gal network. It doesn't add up.

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