Thursday, March 23, 2006


Today's subject: tristero, who (let's face it) has the intellect of a gibbon, though he clearly fancies himself a brilliant debunker of lockstep winguttery. In fact, his post (as seen on Digbysblog) -- Loven stole HIS idea about the strawmans, we're told / and Atrios was exactly right that I'm an idiot who doesn't realize my own idiocy (a pronouncement, incidentally, that can only be made by one who assumes he is far more intelligent than the object of his scorn, which position essentially deconstructs the study in the Atrios post tristero fellates, or else proves it to his detriment, I'm not sure which) -- is par for the course with these bandwidth sucking cocklords. You allow them to stay and say their piece, and they interpret that as a "right" that you now owe them, and they then take that as an invitation to start helping themselves to things in the fridge, or slipping a finger up your dog's asshole, etc.

Well, sorry, but that ain't my thang. These fucktards want to take shots at me on their own sites, they can have at it. But from now on, they can keep it there, or they can bitch about me on sites I don't give a shit about anyway.

What they can't do is take pot shots at me on other sites, then slather some peanut butter on their joints and show up here hoping to help themselves to a quick hummer from my dog.

So goodbye to tristero. And there will be others, as well. I won't let this place turn into the cesspole Cole nurtures.

Long story short, Jeff Goldstein has gone off the deep end over a dismissive comment Tristero made about Jeff's blog in a post at Digby's blog. Anyone who's this thin-skinned should not be blogging.

For background, first read hilzoy's post at Obsidian Wings; then go to Hullabaloo for digby's and tristero's commentary. After that, head over to Body and Soul, where Jeanne tells us that Goldstein's peanut butter fantasy may have been inspired by our soldiers in Iraq.

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