Thursday, August 03, 2006

Let's Play Make-Believe!

John at Powerline posts the same video I linked to yesterday that purports to show Hezbollah terrorists firing rockets from a civilian home:

Check out this video from Blog of the Week Vital Perspective. A terrorist hauls rockets into a house, then fires them at Israel from the house. At the end of the video an Israeli airplane takes out the rocket launcher. Undoubtedly the dead terrorist was counted as a "civilian casualty," and who knows how many actual civilians he endangered by launching rockets from inside a house?

Okay, John, some questions:
  1. Where is the terrorist hauling the rockets?
  2. Where are the rockets?
  3. Where do you see the rockets being fired? (At Israel, or anywhere.)
  4. I see the explosion at the end, which you say is the Israeli airplane "taking out the rocket launcher," but where are the rocket launcher and the terrorist?
  5. Why is the video you link to at Vital Perspective not the same video you have on your post?

I'll be here waiting for your answers.

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