Monday, August 27, 2007

Bush Sycophants

The 'breaking news' is that Attorney General Gonzales has resigned. First, about time. Second, has the Bush Administration learned anything - yet ?

Mrs. Chief and I have always had at least one dog as part of our family. Molly, a 40 pound dog with 100 pounds of energy, never gets tangled in her lead, even a 30 foot lead. Jack, 6 pounds of Chiuaua mix, repeatedly gets his legs and body tangled. Molly, however she learned to never get tangled, does not have the ability to teach Jack how to avoid getting tangled.

Kind of reminds me of how the Bush Administration keeps hiring new officials and the new people can't learn from their predecessors mistakes. And now they're floating Chertoff's name as a possible replacement. FEMA's Michael Brown's boss during Katrina.

The Bush is like the komodo dragon. Incapable of learning.

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