Friday, August 31, 2007

Freedom Is Bad for the Troops' Morale

I like to tell people who claim that U.S. troops are fighting in Iraq to preserve my freedom, that my freedom is not in Iraq. Well, here is graphic proof that those troops' freedom is not in Iraq, either:

ThinkProgress is now banned from the U.S. military network in Baghdad.

Recently, an avid ThinkProgress reader — a U.S. soldier serving his second tour in Iraq — wrote to us and said that he can no longer access ...
The ban began sometime shortly after Aug. 22, when Ret. Maj. Gen. John Batiste was our guest blogger on ThinkProgress. He posted an op-ed that was strongly critical of the President’s policies and advocated a “responsible and deliberate redeployment from Iraq.” Previously, both the Wall Street Journal and Washington Times had rejected the piece.

Sweet land of liberty ...

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