Saturday, August 25, 2007

Welcome, Chief

Starting immediately, Liberty Street has a new contributor. Chief is one of my oldest and most loyal readers. He has also, over the last three years, become a dear and valued friend. Although we have never met or spoken in physical time or space, Chief's behind-the-scene contributions have been considerable. He has pointed me to sources of news I didn't previously know about, sent me links to important articles, and shared with me his own unique insights on many subjects -- the Iraq war in particular -- gained from a lifetime of professional military experience.

Recently, Chief e-mailed me links to several articles he thought I would find interesting and might want to write about on Liberty Street. Usually, I would do exactly that, but not this time. I wrote him back and said, "Why don't you write your own post about these articles?" And just like that, I acquired a new contributor.

I'm sure Chief will have more of his own to say about the issues that are important to him, so welcome to blogging on Liberty Street, Chief. Take it away.

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