Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Floods and Fires - Depends on Your Skin Color has this editorial posted.

File this under Actions Speak Louder Than Words:

To some, this merely seems to confirm their initial worst suspicions about the roots of the hurricane fiasco: that George Bush, as Kanye West put it at the time, doesn't care about black people.

And don't anyone compare the effect of Katrina to the effect of the fires. NBC's Martin Savidge had this.

An excerpt
You cannot compare these disasters. They are as different as water and fire. The loss of 1,300 homes in Southern California so far is awful, but pales to homes and business lost to Katrina. In St. Bernard Parish alone they lost almost five times as many. We aren’t even touching New Orleans or the often overlooked Mississippi coast.

Much of Louisiana's infrastructure was compromised or destroyed. In California much of it was left intact. They could talk on phones to coordinate relief in California. They could barely find a radio to call for help after Katrina.

Qualcomm Stadium where thousands sheltered was never threatened. The Superdome was heavily damaged. It had twice to three times as many people and no electricity, no ventilation, not much food, limited security, no water, no sanitation and absolutely no information.

Then there was the loss of life.

When you combine incompetance with indifference and a healthy dose of "Why should I care?" you have two years post-Katrina-continuing-screw-ups.

Nuf Said ! ! !

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