Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Right's Definition of Standing Up for What You Believe: "Moonbatty Leftist Primer Propaganda"

The Queen of Perpetual Outrage has her knickers in a twist again:

As you know, I’ve got two kids under 8. We let them watch a few shows on the children’s cable TV network, Nickelodeon–Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob, Avatar. Earlier this spring, we even took them to the Nick Hotel in Florida. We enjoyed it, but I’ve had my reservations.

A few years ago, I wrote about the network’s politically correct treatment of the Alamo. They ignored a respected historian’s warning that the channel’s characterization of the battle at the Alamo as a dispute that was fought so “white farmers could keep their slaves” was unfair and simplistic. That was bad enough. Now, Nickelodeon has gone completely moonbatty. Blogger ArmyWifeToddlerMom points to an unbelievable piece of propaganda aired on Nickelodeon and aired by left-winger Linda Ellerbee. ...

Here is the "unbelievable piece of propaganda."

Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing. It's about 17 minutes long, but every minute is worth it. I'm glad Malkin posted this, because watching it gave me more hope for the future than I've felt in a long time.

UPDATE: Here is the website created by Ava Lowery, the 16-year-old girl in Alabama who is an activist for peace.


Chief said...

I haven't looked at the piece, Tied up with scanning. But if Linda Ellerbee is involved with it, it has to be first class project. Linda is one of my heroes.

cloris said...

"However, Linda Ellerby's NickNews segment titled, "Rebels With a Cause" was astonishing. If it merely lacked ballance, that would be one thing. Here we have a peice of pedagogy in radical leftwing adgitation.

The worst of this was Ellerby's promotion of a group called "the World Can't Wait" (WCW). WCW is a Maoist group created by the Revolutionary Workers Party (RCP). The RCP is not pascifist, it is dedicated to "overthrow and thoroughly smash and dismantle the bourgeois state. And that requires war." Nor is it kind in its militancy. The RCP is the sister organization to the infamous Weather Underground Terrorist group of the 70's, both having broken with the "moderate" practices of the Progressive Labor Party. The RCP avowedly supports The Shining Path and the Nepalese Maoist militias, has collaborated with the former and RCP members have been implicated in the activities of the German Red Army Faction.

These facts hardly comprise a full accounting of WCW's ideological corruptness. For instance, I would imagine that even most who would consider themselves radical would be disgusted to learn that the RCP's Draft Programme identifies homosexuality as a sickness engendered by "late-capitalism", prescribing that gays and lesbians be "re-educated" after the revolution.

The promotion of this group to nine, ten, elleven, twelve and thirteen year-olds as something to get involved in could hardly be more disturbing than if the peice featured instead David Duke's "anti-war" group, "No War For Israel". One could speculate that a version of "Rebels With a Cause" which turned around that axis would have Linda Ellerby seeking out the youngest members of White Supremacist groups to expound on otherwise legitimate issues such as immigration reform. Perhaps it would begin with a segment about "young Rebels" petitioning their school board to boycott foods bearing the symbol of the so-called "Kosher Tax". Ellerby would present this a model activity for tweens without even the consideration towards aknowleging the terrorism suppporting such activism.

Worst of all, Ellerby would present this to your child audience in the tone a caring adult uses to teach a child that stovetops are hot, which would be, as in the case of the version you did choose to broadcast, utterly revolting."

cloris said...

thank you for posting my comment. i wasn't sure you would.

having read it, are you willing to recognize that what's being promoted in elleby's peice is not some innocent, generic, "standing up for what you believe"?

seriously, do you support neo-nazis "standing up for what (they) believe"?

Kathy said...

thank you for posting my comment. i wasn't sure you would.

You're welcome. I don't usually reject comments solely because I disagree with them. Your views are uninformed, not to mention unsourced, but your comment was not rude or abusive, so no problem.