Wednesday, October 31, 2007

John Cole Has Defected from the Land of Wingnuttia

John Cole has gone and done it: He switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat:

I had meant to re-register independent (or as it is known here in West Virginia, “No Party Affiliation”) for the past two weeks after I had finally had enough of the bullshit during the Graeme Frost escapade, but never got around to it (and it really was not that big of a deal, I had made the mental commitment, which is what matters). I had to pick up a registered letter for an unrelated issue, so I went to the Court House to the Voter Registration Office.

I had intended to register independent, but when I got there to do it, I had a moment of clarity- there seemed to be no point leaving the Republican party in protest and joining the unwashed masses. If I really was going to protest, it made no sense to not commit to the opposition party. Besides, as a Republican all these years, I never had any problem voting for libertarians, Democrats, etc., I don’t see why being a Democrat will change anything. And, the 2008 election really is the most important election of my lifetime- the basic foundation of our country has been under assault for a while, now, and I want to vote in the Democratic primary as a Democrat, not as someone with no party affiliation. I want to send a message, and as small as this gesture (which should appropriately be interpreted as a middle finger to the GOP and not as a sloppy wet kiss to Nancy Pelosi) is, I want it to mean as much as possible. There is now one less Republican in WV, and one more Democrat.

Congratulations, John, and welcome to the lesser of two evils. The more folks like you we get, the more lesser it will be (if you know what I mean).


Joan said...

Hey There!

I have no idea what you mean. Do you mean that if more people join the Democrats they will no longer agree with Bush that the USA has the right to invade other countries? Do you mean tyhat if more people join the Democrats, they will finally agree to universal healthcare? I think the more Republicans that join the Democrats will force the Democrat party to stick more slavishly to a Republican type agenda.

Please ignore the typos, this post was also typed with the help of Mister Kitty.

Take Care

Kathy said...

No, all it means is that the Democrats are not bat-shit crazy. As John said.

Please give Mister Kitty a kiss for me on the top of his furry head.