Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Truth is the First Casualty, WE the People are the Last Casualty

What have we come to ?
What have we come to ?
Rep. Pete Stark
When an honorable gentleman, such as Rep. Stark is, must apologize for telling the truth it is very obvious that the U S of A is going through its last dying throes, much as Rome did 1600 years ago.

Kathy (below) notes that Jane is offended. Yeah, and there are only two parties in America and they both are Republican. Who can I vote for when everyone in Washington has been bought by BIG CORPORATIONS ? ?

I do not blog using profanity. I'd like to think I have a better command of the English language. But, if I ever was to use profane language, now, RIGHT FOOKIN NOW would be an appropriate time.

Time for a beer or three ! ! It's gotta be five o'clock somewhere.

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