Saturday, December 15, 2007

Baseball and Steroids

The Mitchell Report on the use of steroids by major league baseball players was released Thursday the 13th of December in the afternoon. Here is a link to the report in PDF format courtesy of ESPN. On Thursday evening I commented here.

Now it is well over two days later and neither the baseball commissioner nor any team owners have made a peep about this. Or if they have, I have not been able to find any news of it thru Google searches.

Is baseball going to treat Senator Mitchell's report as a non-event, thereby hoping it will go away? That tactic of ignoring the problem and it will go away will just not work. The sports media and especially ESPN is going to stay on this story like stink on shit. Baseball is making the same mistake that most organizations make in this situation. Because baseball is becoming less and less relevant to the American public, the powers that be need to address this head on in order to get the public's confidence back.

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