Wednesday, February 23, 2005

BUSH PUTS HIS FAITH in punishment, not words. At least when it comes to America's enemies.

European officials say the negotiations with Iran in Vienna are at an impasse, and they have become increasingly vocal in saying that the talks will fail without the Americans at the table. But the White House is skeptical of the European approach, which is to offer economic and political incentives to Iran to try to get the country to drop its nuclear program.

Mr. Bush, when asked directly at the news conference if he thought such incentives would work, side-stepped the question and instead pushed the theme of togetherness that has been the public face of his trip this week to Belgium, Germany and Slovakia.

The president did not give voice to what Europeans say is a real reason for his reluctance: his staunch opposition to rewarding bad behavior by having the world's superpower turn up at the same negotiating table as a nation he considers a rogue.
No, siree. The negotiating table is for friends, not for enemies.

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