Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bush and the Saudis

I put Greg Palast on about the same level as Bill Moyers and Jimmy Carter. Above reproach. If they say it, it must be gospel. So, it is with some dismay that I read this report by Greg Palast.

Hmm-m-m-m. 80% of the hijackers of 11 Sept 2001 were from Saudi Arabia and Greg states:

Shortly after George W. Bush took office, he told us reluctantly, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the FBI, “were told to back off the Saudis.”

When I read this:
Back to the high-level agent. I pressed him to tell me exactly which investigations were spiked. None of this interview dance was easy, requiring switching to untraceable phones. Ultimately, the insider said, “Khan Labs.” At the time, our intelligence agencies were on the trail of Pakistan’s Dr. Strangelove, A.Q. Khan, who built Pakistan’s bomb and was selling its secrets to the Libyans. But once Bush and Condoleeza Rice’s team took over, the source told us, agents were forced to let a hot trail go cold. Specifically, there were limits on tracing the Saudi money behind this “Islamic bomb.”

it makes me wonder whose side Condoleezza Rice's team is on.

I mean if we have a suspected terrorist group:
And what about the bin Laden “suspected terrorist organization”? Called the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, the group sponsors soccer teams and summer camps in Florida. BBC obtained a video of one camp activity, a speech exhorting kids on the heroism of suicide bombings and hostage takings. While WAMY draws membership with wholesome activities, it has also acted as a cover or front, say the Dutch, Indian and Bosnian governments, for the recruitment of jihadi killers. Certainly, it was worth asking the bin Laden boys a few questions. But the FBI agents couldn’t, until it was too late.

Why would we not investigate them? Can the Bush family connection to Prince Bandar and the House of Saud be so laced with money and privilege as to outweigh the national security interests of the United States?

Apparently so.

Hat Tip to Alternate Brain

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